Project Opioid is a coalition that brings together business, faith, government, and philanthropic leaders to create a major impact on the overdose crisis in their communities.
Founded in 2018, our collaborative was created in response to the raging opioid epidemic that claimed the lives of nearly 450,000 people across America one decade before the pandemic. Since then, COVID-19 has driven the opioid crisis to unprecedented heights, creating the greatest mental health, substance abuse, and overdose crisis in U.S. history. The startling new data on opioid overdose and death calls for leaders to embrace a different approach to solving the opioid epidemic.


At Project Opioid, we empower leaders to confront this rising crisis in communities by applying our new model based off our success in Central Florida. We educate leaders on how to build coalitions, launch an overdose initiative, and do high-level advocacy to create a movement greater than themselves that will transform and save the lives of those struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues in their regions.

The Project Opioid collaborative aligns leaders around one shared goal:
to reduce opioid deaths in their communities by at least 50 percent in three years.

How Leaders Can Engage on the Overdose Crisis

Leaders can take action to prevent the greatest number of people in their communities from overdose and death in 2021 and beyond by embracing our new model to combat the unprecedented mental health, substance abuse, and overdose crisis during COVID-19.
At Project Opioid, we believe leaders like you can create a major impact on the opioid crisis over the next 36 months in three steps:

Coalition Building:

Build a collaborative of high-impact business, faith, and philanthropic leaders to create a new frontline on the opioid crisis

Opioid Initiative:

Empower leaders to solve overdose epidemic by embracing new strategies that leverage cutting-edge data about who is struggling and cross-sector collaboration to create a new pathway that targets crucial resources to those at the highest risk of drug-related overdose and death


Lead a high-level advocacy campaign to those who are struggling the greatest with mental health and substance abuse issues during this crisis, Generation Z and Millennials, in order to raise awareness for your cause and funnel resources to those in need

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