About Us

What is Project Opioid?

At Project Opioid, we empower community leaders to confront the overdose crisis by aligning them around one shared goal: To reduce opioid deaths in their communities. We educate leaders on how to build a coalition, launch a regional overdose initiative, and promote high-level advocacy to transform and save the greatest number of lives in their communities.

The Project Opioid Model

Leaders working together to transform communities and save lives.

Our History

Founded in 2018, Project Opioid was created in response to the raging opioid epidemic that claimed the lives of nearly 450,000 people across America in one decade. Since then the opioid crisis driven by the pervasive use of fentanyl has reached unprecedented heights. This new dynamic contributes to U.S. history’s greatest mental health, substance abuse, and overdose crisis. The startling new data on opioid overdose and death calls for leaders to urgently embrace a different approach to solving the overdose epidemic.

Community Coalitions

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